Outdoor Seating, Central Terrace, Cayman Islands
Outdoor Seating

Central Terrace is the creation of Brigita Nemet.

Originally from Serbia, Brigita is a self-taught chef who began experimenting in her parents’ kitchen from a young age, learning how to make crepes and perfecting her recipe after much trial and error.

After leaving Serbia, Brigita worked in Bermuda for 11 years in the Mandarin Oriental before moving to the Cayman Islands in 2011. Following several years working for two established Caymanian restaurants, Brigita realised her dream with the opening of the Cayman Creperie in 2014.

With the success of the creperie along with her passion for her personal favourite food, pizza, Brigita went on to open Lucky Slice in 2015, expanding again three years later with the addition of Mojo Gastro Pub.